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Find Naloxone When You Need It With NaloxoFind

NaloxoFind will no longer function after March 31, 2021

First Responder Training

One hundred seventy-five people die from opioid overdoses every day, in part because Naloxone - also known as Evzio and Narcan - isn’t available when it’s required. 

The NaloxoFind app allows anyone to identify and locate available naloxone within a two mile radius and to communicate directly with those carrying this life-saving drug. This free app also allows first responders and good Samaritans to register as naloxone carriers, making them reachable by NaloxoFind App users in emergency situations*. 

To register naloxone to a mobile iPhone or Android device, just download the app from Apple's App Store and Google Play.  

*Naloxone is a prescription drug. However, every state has specific naloxone access laws and almost all allow pharmacists to dispense or distribute naloxone without a patient-specific prescription. Find detailed information about your state here.

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