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Removing a VPamphlets Account

There are two ways to remove an account from vPamphlets. Select the one that is right for you!

Account Removal Using the vPamphlets App

The simplest way to remove your account and all associated user data is to:

  1. Open the vPamphlets app on your device.

  2. Login (if you’re not already logged in).

  3. Click the help icon (top right of the screen).

  4. Click the “Delete User Account” button.

  5. Confirm your intent by typing “delete” into the entry field.

   6. Press “Delete Account”.

Your account is removed!

Requesting Account Deletion

If you no longer can access the application or prefer not to access it, you can request account deletion manually.

  1. Email with subject: Delete vPamphlets Account.

  2. In the email include your email used to login to vPamphlets.

  3. Include a phone number we can use to verify your information if needed.


Upon receipt of your email our team will validate the request and respond back within 10 business days.

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